Little People of New Zealand is a national voluntary society of people with dwarfism, their families, and other people interested in their welfare.

Any Little Person of any age or anyone with invested interest can join the Little People of New Zealand. Membership is by annual subscription.

As President of Little People of New Zealand it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. We are a non-profit organisation supporting people with dwarfism as well as their families and friends.

Little People of New Zealand (LPNZ) was founded back in 1969 by two average height mums who had babies diagnosed with dwarfism. From this, LPNZ has progressed into a great network of people and friends supporting and encouraging each other to achieve all things possible.

I first became a member of LPNZ some 35 plus years ago when my parents became involved when I was young. Now with my own family, we continue to be an active part of the organisation.  My involvement with LPNZ has been invaluable, especially for support and connection when growing up though my school and teenage years. Now it is just as important for me as my husband and I navigate the parenting years with our 3 children.

LPNZ is all about support, connection and promoting positive awareness and exposure in the world that we live in. We may have physical differences that cause us to do things differently but we can prove to the world that we are capable of excelling and living extraordinary lives in an ordinary world.

By joining LPNZ, you will connect with other members and their families who share common strengths and challenges. We have a LPNZ Small Talk Facebook page for members to share news, achievements and information with each other. We also have regional catch ups and hold an annual conference in various cities across New Zealand. LPNZ conferences embrace connection between people with dwarfism and their families who are at all ages and stages of life.

If you are interested in becoming a member, we warmly welcome you!  Just  click on the membership link at the top of this page and this will direct you to the details you need.

I invite you all to have a look through our website and contact us if you want any further information. We are only too happy to answer your enquiries.

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Katrina Bootsma