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LPNZ exists to support our members, through regional gatherings, annual conferences and sharing of information and experiences. Our members receive our Small Talk magazine, and have access to information and how people of short stature can be supported in New Zealand.

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Individual Membership

A membership for a single Little Person over the age of 18

Family Membership

For families (Little People or Average Height) with children who are Little People under the age of 18

Couples Membership

For two Little People who are in a relationship and cohabitate in a single property

Associate Membership

For any interested person who does not identify as being a Little Person (eg. Parents or Grandparents of LPs over 18)

International Membership

For individuals, families and organisations that do not live in New Zealand

“Lilah loves catching up with friends made through LPNZ”

“Our daughter Lilah was born in July 2013 with achondroplasia, the youngest of our three children. Less than three months later we had joined LPNZ and have never looked back. We attended our first annual LPNZ Conference when Lilah was 17 months old with our family. Although the rest of us were average-height we were never once made to feel like the minority! Lilah and the rest of us were welcomed with open arms. We have learned so much through sharing our experiences with other families, especially other adults who are short-statured. We feel supported and have gained the knowledge needed to help transition Lilah into kindy, and next year school.

Our other two children have also made some great friendships with other LP children and their siblings. Lilah loves catching up with friends made through LPNZ, as do we all! We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to form lifelong friendships with people who, without having Lilah, we wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

– Verity Kidd