About Us

Little People of New Zealand is a non-profit, charitable organisation that supports and informs people with dwarfism as well as their families, along with people who have a genuine interest. LPNZ sets out to embrace, educate and create awareness in a responsive and professional way promoting flexibility and social change.

Dwarfism is a condition of short stature with an adult height of less than 4 feet 10 inches, as a result of a medical and/or genetic condition. There are over 200 types of dwarfism.

As an organisation, LPNZ exists to support our members through regional gatherings, annual conferences and sharing of information and experiences. Our members connect with other members and have access to information and how people of short stature can be supported in New Zealand.

LPNZ was formed in 1969 by two average-height mothers of children with dwarfism with the aim to provide a support group for individuals and families of similar needs.


Become a Member

Any Little Person of any age, any member of the family of a Little Person, and any other person interested can join the Little People of New Zealand by paying the annual subscription.

Membership Benefits

  • Join us at our annual conference
  • Access groups within New Zealand to connect with others
  • Access the membership only area of our website (coming soon)

“Amazing friends and incredibly valuable support network”

My family joined LPNZ just after I was diagnosed with Achondroplasia. As I was born into an average height family, naturally my parents were looking for support and a bit more of an idea about what to expect.

Whilst I don’t remember my first conference, as I was only 12 months old, my parent’s remember it clearly. They met little people living their life with jobs, families and everyday interests. They were also able to be supported by parents who had been in their shoes and know that everything was going to be ok.

Fast forward 25 years and LPNZ has become an extended family that has given me an excuse to travel around the country, make the most amazing friends and developed an incredibly valuable support network.

– Loren Savage