Little People of New Zealand is a national voluntary society of Little People, families of Little People, and other people interested in their welfare.

Any Little Person of any age, any member of the family of a Little Person, and any other person interested can join the Little People of New Zealand. Membership is by annual subscription.



As President of Little People of New Zealand it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. We are a non profit organisation supporting people with dwarfism as well as their families and friends.

Little People of New Zealand was founded back in 1969 and has progressed into a great network of great people and friends supporting and encouraging each other to achieve all things possible.

As well as having a network in New Zealand we also have networks throughout the world. We are part of the International Dwarfism leadership team, giving us access to many resources including Medical support, sports events, as well as a fountain of knowledge in areas relating to dwarfism.

By becoming a member, not only do you get access to these resources you also get a copy of our tri-monthly magazine. Every 12 months we host our national conference alternating between the different regions of New Zealand, hosting a variety of events including sports, our annual AGM and workshops as well as other activities.

I invite you all to have a look through our website and contact us if you want any further information. We are only too happy to answer your enquiries.

Kia kaha ki te manaakitia tātou tētahi ki tētahi; “Let’s be strong to support one another”.

Aroha nui.

Hollie Howland
021 0232 4539